Not just your ordinary raised beds, but rather a complete, low maintenance system


WaterWise garden systems help to reduce water wastage. These types of beds are amazing in climates that have low summer rainfall and are also very effective in windy areas, as there is very little water evaporation from the soil. They are not, however, only limited to these climates. The beds are typically known as raised beds as they are above the ground, however our WaterWise system can also be applied to standard in-the-ground beds.


The overflow pipe can be connected to a water storage tank so that any overflow water can be harvested and re-used to water the wicking beds. This is also a good way of harvesting rain water during the rainy season and ensures maximum usage of water sources.


At urban farmers we love to turn old things into useful things. Re-cycled  wicking beds can be just as beautiful as beds made from new material as they have a special quirckiness about them. We have used broken pallets, doors, decking, fences, IBC totes, gates and crates.


With a little imagination these materials are turned into perfectly functioning, self-watering beds. They look funky-retro and super attractive. They are all effective at saving water and in each case we took something that was destined for land fill and turned it into something with real value in a garden.


If you have some material you think has potential to be re-used give us a shout and we will see what we can do.

Our standard model wicking beds come in an arrangement of sizes to meet the requirements of small or large gardens.We can build big self-watering pots as an attractive addition to a balcony/patio or we can build large, full scale grow beds, suitable for growing all your garden vegetables needs.


Our building material of choice is sugar gum, an alien species with good building qualities that is treated with a Linseeed Oil based preservative, one that is natural and does not contain arsenic like CCA treated wood.  We can, however, build the boxes with whichever material you prefer. All boxes are lined with plastic .











Make use of one of our Urban Farmers and sign up for the monthly maintenance scheme or alternatively we can train your existing gardener

In-the-ground wicking beds give the appearence of traditional beds with the added benefit of being water wise.


These beds can be constructed whereever the ground is easy to excavate. They are then built in a similar fashion to the standard wooden wicking beds, creating the reservior below a quality compost  top.



There is no limit to what can be created as a wicking bed. Clearly not all gardens are the same, Different size and shape wicking beds might be required for whereever you need them to go.


If you have a radical idea for what you would like or a material you might want to use, contact us and we will be only to happy to assist



Workshops on 4ft square wicking beds

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