Whether you are looking to enhance or redesign your garden, Urban Farmers can assist you. Our WaterWise gardening systems will provide you with solutions that not only enhance the design of your garden but also greatly reduce your water bill, which ultimately becomes an ecological benefit to your environment too.  We can also advise on implementing systems in your home and garden that assist with reducing your water consumption


Make use of one of our Urban Farmers and sign up for the monthly maintenance scheme or alternatively we can train your existing gardener.


Earth Care

We as humans do not own the earth but we should think of  ourselves as its guardians. This means that when we are designing our garden we must do it in a way that best suits nature. In doing so we will encourage the cycle of life.


People care

Clearly your garden needs to be a place that you can relax and de-stress but it is also a place, space permitting,  where you should be growing a majority of your own food,  Food grown in your own garden is the most nutritious food you can eat and it is right there at your door step.


Fair share

This is a matter of remembering the earth has limits. This means within our designs, where we can, we re-use or use re-cycled materials. We should always try to use all the space available as effectively as we can without waste.




The concept of wicking beds has been around in simpler forms for centuries. Now, however, wicking beds have been permacultured, taking all the best known gardening techneques for water preservation and putting them together. 

The overall effect creates an amazing product the hobbiest and serious gardener cannot ignore.


The advantages of wicking beds are numerous. Water Wise Wicking Beds almost allow you to forget your plants until it is time to harvest. They save you money on your water bill and give you the comfort of knowing that you are not wasting water which is in ever increasing, short supply.


Buckminster Fuller popularised Geodesic Domes in the 1960's, though the development of the domes can be credited to Dr. Walther Bauersfeld in the 1920's. He can be considered the "inventor."


These structures can be challenging to build. Each strut and angle needs to be cut precisely to ensure the dome forms the correct shape. The extra work required, however, is worth it. The finished creation is beautiful and when inside you can feel the positive energy the structure creates.


If you are interested in one of these incredible geodesic domes for your garden, as a chicken run, green house, lean-to or perhaps you have a grander plan, don't hesitate to contact us so that we can discuss your options.


Aquaponics is a great way to grow both your protein and vegetables together in a system that only uses 10% of the water that conventional farming uses. The fish and vegetables are grown together in a symbiotic system that mimics a pond ecosystem. Your inputs are minimal and the vegetables are grown without the use of fertilsers or pesticides as the system as to stay pure in order to keep the fish healthy. We run regular workshops about Aquaponics and will show you how to construct a basic system. We also offer consultations and are able to build a system or your home or business. We are also a member of The Aquaponics Association of South Africa


We are run workshops on many different techniques and methods of urban agriculture. Visit our facebook page to be informed of any workshops that are taking place

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