These are the prices and specifications for our standard size wicking and raised beds. We will be happy quote on alternative designs and specifications.


  • All beds are treated with linseed oil product (not poisonous CCA)

  • The sides are screwed for strength.

  • Plastic sheeting for reserviors and liner provided.

  • Biddum cloth provided as the stone compost divider.

                                                            25mm Pine          38mm Pine           25mm Sugar gum                               

450mm x 450mm x 600mm...          R940                     R1090                   R1420

450mm x 600mm x 600mm...          R1060                   R1220                   R1620


600mm x 600mm x 600mm...          R1130                   R1320                   R1760
600mm x 1200mm x 600mm...        R1540                   R1820                   R2490
600mm x 1800mm x 600mm...        R2040                   R2410                   R3310
600mm x  2400mm x 600mm...       R2480                   R2960                   R4070

​1200mm x 1200mm x 600mm...      R1916                   R3500                   R3190
1200mm x 1800mm x 600mm...      R2360                   R2290                   R3950
1200mm x 2400mm x 600mm...      R2810                   R2840                   R4720

1200mm x 3000mm x 600mm...      R3260                   R3380                   R5490


For both wicking and standard raised beds, should you desire a bed that has a specific length or width requirement, to fit a certain area of your garden, it takes seconds for us to quickly work out a price. So if you want something different, give us a call.


These prices do not include reservoir ballast, compost, mulch or plants.
See Essential Extras below

Water Wise Wicking Beds

Standard Raised Beds*

Pallet Beds

If you prefer to use recycled materials, try one of our pallet beds. They are economically as well as ecologically viable and look really earthy



Pallets - R450

Labour - R250/day
Reservoir fittings: R250

Installation: R100


These prices do not include reservoir ballast, compost, mulch or plants. See Essential Extras below

                                                             25mm Pine             38mm pine                Sugar Gum25mm


600mm x 600mm x 342mm...            R410                        R990                       price coming soon
600mm x 1200mm x 342mm...          R830                        R1770                     
600mm x 2400mm x 342mm...          R1030                      R2150                      

600mm x 3000mm x 342mm...          R1230                      R2530                    

​1200mm x 1200mm x 342mm...        R830                        R1650                      
1200mm x 1800mm x 342mm...        R1030                      R2030                 

1200mm x 2400mm x 342mm...        R1200                      R2410                    

1200mm x 3000mm x 342mm...        R1430                      R2790                      



(Urban Farmers raised bed are 14% deeper, this allows for a deep layer of very important mulch. Please read my blog on mulch)​
* NB. These are not self watering wicking beds.
Essential Extras​

Mulch per cubic meter                       R200

Compost per cubic meter                 R650

Reservoir stones per cubic meter    R470
(Note: you don't have to use stones. Recycled bottles filled with sand, or concrete breeze blocks or bricks will do fine too)


These figures are estimates, as an aid to calculate cost of wicking bed content. Prices often vary greatly depending on supplier.


A delivery fee will be charged depending on your location.

Installation fee R100 per bed.

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