Earth Care is all about rebuilding natures' capital. In your garden this would mean planting  trees, building soil, creating envirorments for a diversity of species and making water work best for you by slowing it down, soaking it in and storing it up.


People Care in terms of your garden means catering for you and your families' needs.  This does not just mean the food that a permaculture garden can give you. It is all about creating a space that is good for you and your family physically, emotionally and spiritually. We all feel the energy of nature when we take a walk in the woods. A mature permaculture garden should have the same effect because of the strong bonds to the complex cycles of life.


Fair Share... its time for us all to put a voluntary limit on our consumption. By creating an abundance of food, a diversity of life - both animal and plant, and a rich, healthy, fertile soil in our gardens we can begin to reduce, or hopefully pay back to the earth, that which we have taken from her throughout our lives.


So with this in mind here are the questions you need to ask yourself, to help you formulate what it is you want from your permaculture garden.


  • What do you like? What don't you like?

  • What are your unmet needs and wants?

  • What are your values? What is your vision?

  • What are your personal resourses and limiting factors?

  • What is the timescale for your design?

  • Does your garden have any particular site related issues?


With these questions answered we are in the perfect position to collaborate with you. Together we can reshape a small piece of the planet into something that doesn't just have value to you, it also has real value to everyone. These small revolutionary acts are making a difference in this crazy world. 



Make use of one of our Urban Farmers and sign up for the monthly maintenance scheme or alternatively we can train your existing gardener



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